90 Day Rainmaker Sales Challenge

April 2nd - June 29th 2023

A week-by-week, live sales course designed to help you improve and implement the Rainmaker Skills™ required to consistently close 2 more escrows a month in this challenging market.

Selling real estate has felt more like a roller coaster ride than a career lately. One month you feel like you're the star in a real-life Puff Daddy music video and the next your just hoping to have enough money for that next can of beans. I rode that same roller coaster for 10 years, going from broke to millionaire and then broke again.     

But then everything changed when I found my focus.  

I found a proven system that helped me to focus on the Rainmaker Skills™ that caused my cash register to ring. Knowing WHAT to focus on was the easy part (negotiating contracts, signing up clients, and prospecting) knowing HOW to do those things well, and consistently was what changed everything. 

Now, 10 years and thousands of home sales later my focus is on helping my teams and members of the Gluch Club find that same level of skill and consistency that I found. I got off the roller coaster and can help you do the same. 

The number of monthly home sales this year is plummeting so I've decided to lead a 90-day sales challenge designed to give my team, and hopefully you, a kick-start in this tough sales environment. With interest rates continuing to rise I expect a lot more pain for the average agent in 2023. But you're not average. The very fact that you're reading this page proves it. And it's agents like you who are willing to double down, invest in the needed skills, and put in the work, who will thrive in 2023.

So Come, and join me and hundreds of other agents in the Gluch Club as we take on 2023 and do what's required to make it the best year of our careers.


The Gluch Club

The Gluch Club gives you the resources, skills, and training you need to grow your business.

The incredible agents on my teams pay upwards of $150,000 each to access the training, tools, and resources I provide that help them sell hundreds of homes each year. In 2022 we saw this market change coming, and they generously agreed to allow me to provide much of this training to any agent in the country who wanted it.

Rainmaker Coaching™

This is the exact training my team receives, in fact, they will be participating right alongside you. Each week I’ll focus on helping you improve your skills in one of the three Rainmaker Activities ™. You can see the 90-Day schedule of topics below.

Access The Playbook

Gain access to all of the exact same tools, plans, and resources my team and I have used to sell thousands of homes. Things like buyer and seller presentations, pre sale packages, video training, scripts, and much much more.

Elevated Community

Jim Rohn famously said, “you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. Get access within the Gluch Clubhouse to me, my team, and hundreds of other top producers from around the country who are all pushing to make 2023 their best year ever.

90 Day Challenge


  • Free lifetime access to the Productive Agent Daily Success Blueprint Course™. This course teaches you the exact system our agents use to manage their daily schedule in order to maximize productivity and sales.
  • 14 weeks of coaching from John on the rainmaker skills required to thrive in this market (see the schedule and topics below)
  • Weekly Q and A session with John. John will answer any and all of your questions on business growth on this weekly, live Zoom.
  • Private, digital space within the Gluch Clubhouse for you and the other challenge members to share tips, hold each other accountable, and ask questions.
  • Call recording access. All Zoom coaching calls will be recorded, transcribed, and posted in the Gluch Clubhouse.
  • Gluch Club Private Podcast access. Listen to all past training on the go with unlimited access to our private podcast.
  • All digital materials related to the topics below (buyer presentation book, scripts, seller presentation PowerPoint, etc.)

Schedule and Topics

Weeks 1-5 :
  • Leveraging and growing your sphere to get 50% more referrals and escrows
  • Using open houses to get buyers and sellers
  • The only script you’ll ever need to turn prospects into clients
  • Getting unmotivated and cold leads off the fence
  • Finding and leveraging off-market buyers and sellers to get more deals
Weeks 6-9 :
Signing Up Buyer and Sellers
  • Complete buyer presentation training and materials
  • Complete listing presentation training and materials
  • Pre-selling yourself before you even meet with the prospect
  • Getting unmotivated and cold leads to take action
Weeks 10-14 :
Writing and Negotiating Contracts
  • The home showing system that gets buyers to write offers every time
  • The perfect offer writing checklist™
  • How to get 3%+ on every transaction
  • Getting listings sold quickly every time
  • Setting client expectations and avoiding escrow cancelations




$4,500 Cash Credit

Your new virtual Gluch Club Card will come pre-loaded with a $4,500 one-on-one coaching credit good for three thirty-minute coaching sessions with John, redeemable within the 90-Day Sales Challenge.

This added gift is exclusive to the initial launch of the 90-Day Rainmaker Sales Challenge and expires April 2nd, 2023, at 11:59 pm Pacific.

Exclusive Bonus Offer Ends In:











Monthly Membership Pass:

Today Only

Renews Monthly, Cancel Anytime
[or save $365 by paying annually]




If, within the first 30 days of your member access, you decide you don't absolutely love the Gluch Club and all the amazing people in it, we will happily return 100% of your money, no problem.

Don't Take My Word For It...

Daniel Portillo

“Since joining the Gluch Club, my sales volume has increased, my conversion ratios have gotten better, I have added new lead generation sources, and week after week I continue to get so many valuable strategies and resources to help me run my business more efficiently and position myself for continued growth.”

Missy Snedigar

"The Gluch Club community is amazing! I have a plethora of contacts now that I have reached out to. The tools and support I get from John are priceless. I've learned more in 4 months than I have in 4 years. There are no excuses why I can't succeed!"

Daniel Payton

"I went from being a police officer to closing more than ten million in sales in my first year as a real estate agent thanks to the training and resources the Gluch Club has provided. I had no idea where to even begin and the step by step instructions John and his team provided gave me a clear path to success. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!"

Carlos Figueiredo

"Joining The Gluch Club has been amazing. The level of support and care is second to none. Most importantly, their training is exceptional and practical, which I have put to use having great results."

Jen Rierson

"I Iove the community I have within the Gluch Club. Our collaboration is always within the mindset of abundance, and I love that! I have learned so much since I've joined this amazing community and have been able to implement game-changing moves in my business."

Tiger Webster

"The Gluch Club has leveraged technology in a way that allows me as a new agent to lean, grow and scale at a much faster pace. Very few programs allow a new person to learn, grow and ask questions to titans in the industry. From day one, I have been learning from high level producers."

Unlimited access to the members only Gluch Clubhouse

The Gluch Clubhouse is a private, virtual clubhouse designed to be your one-stop shop for coaching, resources, and community. All of the events, resources, recordings, conversations, and forums are included with your membership of the Gluch Club and can be found within the Clubhouse. For more specifics on how the Clubhouse works, see the FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

The search function may be the most powerful part of the Clubhouse. One of my main frustrations with the coaching programs that I was a part of was how hard it was to find what you needed when you needed it. Within the Clubhouse you can simply use the keyword search option for any topics or interests you have and find all of the related content. The thousands of hours of coaching calls, training videos, and all of the resources I’ve used to help my teams sell thousands of homes are all available to you on demand.

The Clubhouse gives you direct access to hundreds of agents, many of whom are selling in excess of $20 Million per year. The direct message feature, along with various agent questions and answer threads and live events, allows you to connect with these abundant minded agents in ways that simply don’t exist in other coaching programs. The Gluch Club is built on a foundation of collaboration, not competition.

To further facilitate community, the Clubhouse has areas where you can find accountability and roleplay partners to help you scale up your skills and make new connections.

Yes! The Gluch Club meets at least twice a year in person. These optional meetings include additional training, fun, and community building!

This all seems overwhelming. How do I stay on track? We have a simple weekly rhythm that helps new members get the hang of things. The foundation is our weekly Rainmaker Coaching Zoom, during which John gives newer members a quick tutorial on how to get started. All you have to do is make it to that one meeting and we will guide you from there!

These are specific areas within the Clubhouse that are set aside for agents in the same geographical area. These spaces allow agents to share things like coming soon listings, open house opportunities, and vendor recommendations with each other.